Tips to keep my house from the beach.

Having a house on the beach is one of the best pleasures in life, because living in Merida, any weekend you can take a break and, in less than an hour, be enjoying the waves of the sea. But it is also a reality that having a house on the beach requires extra care than having a house in the city. That is why we give you tips to keep your house on the beach.

Avoid excess moisture

Environmental humidity is a common problem in coastal areas, since the air is loaded with particles of salt water. So the best thing is keep your house ventilated. If you are in it regularly or income your house, just open doors and windows for the air to circulate and thus reduce humidity. If this is not the case, or you simply want to eliminate this problem, it is advisable to install exhaust fans so that the house remains free of moisture. It is a smart investment, since you reduce the frequency of maintenance that the house should receive.

Use protective coating

For all wooden doors and / or wooden windows, it is best to use protective coating to increase the useful life and thus not have to change every item that deteriorates very often. Just like exhaust fans, this is an investment to maintain your home.

Use oil-based paint

Excessive sun can wear down the paint faster, which is why an oil-based paint or a water-based sealer can be a more durable alternative, as they are the main recommendations for use in outdoor spaces.

Use of PVC

If you are just building or remodeling your house, it is recommended to use PVC materials for doors and windows, as these do not rust easily, they resist high outdoor temperatures and hardly need maintenance. This will help you to not have to constantly change items in your house.

These are some tips so that your house is functional and you can take advantage of it by renting it. Not yet for rent? At Remax we can help your beach house make a profit without you having to worry about any type of procedure. 

Still don't have one? We have properties on the beautiful beaches of Yucatan, we help you find yours.

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