Earn money by referring to an interest

If you want to make money without being a real estate professional, our referral system allows you to recommend potential clients for one of our consultants to assist you. If a negotiation takes place, you can receive a percentage of the commission.

It is very simple, if you have a contact that is interested in buying, selling or renting a property, you can refer us to the interested party and earn the 10% of the commission that generates this operation.

How does it work?


Fill out the REMAX Tanlah Referral program form found at the bottom of this page.


We receive the information and validate that none of our advisors are attending to the referred person.


If the contact is not being attended, an email will arrive. You will receive 10% of the commission if the specific operation.


We will contact you by phone when we are attending your request. We will contact you with the advisor.

Refer to a contact